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6 Roofing Trends in 2023 You Should Know

Homeowners need to stay abreast of the latest roofing trends and products if they want their property fully safeguarded in 2023. There are several key developments that should not be overlooked, so with this article, we will focus on 6 outstanding trends for this year. Get ahead of the game by staying informed about these essential roofing advancements – your home is worth it!

Roofing Materials On the Rise

There may be limited options when it comes to the types of roofing materials available, but due to recent advancements, these products have become more and more advanced. This year alone has seen some incredible progress within the industry that will pave a brighter future in this field. To get you started on your journey, here are the top roofing materials being used today along with their latest innovations!

Asphalt Shingles

Asphalt Shingle Roofing in New Orleans - Big Easy Roofing

Asphalt shingles have been a popular choice for roofing in the past, and they are expected to continue to be widely used in 2023. Asphalt shingle roofs offer great protection from weather elements like strong winds, heavy rains, and snowfall.

They also come in various styles and colors that can complement the home’s exterior aesthetic. The cost of asphalt shingles is relatively low when compared with other roofing materials, making them an ideal option for homeowners who want something affordable yet durable.

With advances in technology, asphalt shingles now come with features such as algae resistance and impact absorption. This makes them even more desirable within the roofing industry since it means less maintenance overall. Additionally, manufacturers often back their products with warranties so you can feel confident knowing your investment will last for years to come. With all these benefits combined, it’s no wonder why asphalt shingles remain one of the most popular choices for residential roofers today.

Cool Roofs

Moving on from asphalt shingles, the roofing trend of 2023 that you should be aware of is cool roofs. Cool roofs are lightweight and reflective materials used to keep buildings cooler during hot weather. They are made out of metal, tile or membrane and can help reduce air conditioning costs in the summer. Metal roofing also provides superior protection against fire. It’s becoming increasingly popular due to its energy efficiency and durability.

Cool roofs come with a variety of color options, so they can easily fit into any design aesthetic without sacrificing style for performance. These types of roofing materials have long-lasting warranties, often up to fifty years, making them an attractive investment for homeowners looking for sustainable solutions to their roof problems. In addition, cool roofs require very little maintenance which makes them even more appealing as a long-term solution for your home’s roof needs.

The growing popularity of cool roofs demonstrates that this type of material has become one of the most sought after roofing trends in 2023. Whether you’re replacing an existing roof or starting new construction, choosing cool roofs is a great choice for those who want to save money while still having a reliable and attractive option for their homes.

Metal Roofing

Metal roofing is one of the most popular roofing trends in 2023 and is a major trend in the roofing industry. It’s not just aesthetically pleasing, but also energy-efficient and cost-effective. There are many advantages to metal roofs that make them an attractive option:

  • They provide excellent protection against extreme weather conditions such as hail or strong winds.
  • Metal roofs can withstand fire exposure better than other types of roofs due to their noncombustible material composition.
  • They offer great insulation properties which help keep your home cool during hot summer months while saving on energy costs.
  • They come with a lifetime warranty so you don’t have to worry about replacing your roof anytime soon.

Overall, metal roofing is an ideal choice for those looking for durability, low maintenance requirements, and style all in one package. With its high resistance to corrosion and UV rays, it will last longer than traditional asphalt shingle roofs without needing frequent repairs or replacements. In addition, the reflective surface helps reduce cooling costs by reflecting sunlight away from the house making it more eco-friendly too! Investing in a metal roof now means you won’t have to worry about future roof replacement expenses either – a win-win situation for everyone involved!

More and More Solar Roofs

house roof with solar panels installed

As metal roofing continues to be a popular choice in the industry, solar roofs are becoming an increasingly attractive option. We can expect to see more and more homeowners opting for these trending designs as they become available on the market. Solar roofs provide numerous advantages over traditional materials, including significant energy savings and improved durability.

In terms of industry trends, it’s clear that solar roofs will continue to gain traction over the next few years. With advances in technology allowing them to come down significantly in price, we can anticipate that even more people will be making this eco-friendly choice when renovating or constructing their homes. Additionally, improvements in efficiency mean that there is now less maintenance required compared with older models – another benefit sure to attract many potential customers.

Solar roofs are certainly here to stay and the demand for them looks set to continue rising throughout 2023 and beyond. Homeowners should take note of this emerging trend if they’re looking for ways to increase their home value while reducing their carbon footprint at the same time.

Sustainable and Environment-Friendly Green Roofs

One roofing trend that is also becoming increasingly popular in 2023 is green roofs. Green roofs are eco-friendly and sustainable, as they are designed to absorb rainwater runoff while also providing insulation for the building. With a green roof, you can help reduce energy costs while increasing your property value.

Additionally, it will also improve air quality by reducing pollutants from entering the atmosphere. This type of roofing requires a professional roofing contractor who specializes in installing this type of system since it includes waterproof membranes, drainage layers, protective layers, and vegetation systems.

A qualified roofing contractor should be able to advise you on what types of materials would best suit your needs and budget when constructing a green roof. You’ll want someone with experience in these types of projects so that your new green roof meets all safety standards set forth by local regulations.

Additionally, make sure to ask about any warranties offered or additional services available before signing any contracts with the contractor. Investing in an expertly installed green roof will not only benefit the environment but also provide long-term savings and improved quality of life for years to come.

Mixed Materials

Moving on from sustainable and environment-friendly green roofs, the latest trend in roofing for 2023 is mixed materials. This involves using multiple different construction materials to build strong and durable roofs that are also visually pleasing. Combining various materials such as shingles, wood, tiles, concrete or metal can create unique designs that meet both practical needs and aesthetic goals.

The use of a variety of building materials has many advantages; it makes roofs more sturdy by increasing their resistance to extreme temperatures and weather conditions. Additionally, this approach allows homeowners to customize their rooftops according to their tastes and preferences without compromising structural integrity. Furthermore, mixing different types of materials increases the lifespan of your roof significantly while making it easier to maintain over time.

Contact Big Easy Roofing for The Latest in Roofing Trends

As a homeowner, you want to stay informed of the latest roofing trends. Big Easy Roofing can provide you with all the information you need. They have been providing their customers with top-notch service for over 30 years and are one of the most trusted professionals in the industry.

Their knowledgeable staff is well versed in the latest materials, technologies, and advancements available in roofing today. They’ll be able to advise you on what type of roof would best suit your needs and budget. Plus, they offer competitive rates that won’t break the bank! Whether it’s an asphalt shingle roof or metal roof installation, Big Easy Roofing will make sure everything is done right.

So if you’re looking for up-to-date information on 2023 roofing trends, contact Big Easy Roofing today. Their experience and expertise guarantee that your home’s exterior project will look great while also protecting your family and property from extreme weather conditions.


As roofing continues to evolve, it’s important for homeowners and businesses alike to stay up-to-date on the latest trends. Asphalt shingles, cool roofs, metal roofing, solar roofs, green roofs, and mixed materials are all emerging as popular choices in 2023.

At Big Easy Roofing, we keep our finger on the pulse of industry changes so that you can make an informed decision when considering a new roof or replacement. With years of experience in residential and commercial roof installation and repair services, you can trust us to provide quality workmanship with only the best products available. We’ll also help guide you through any applicable warranties or guarantees associated with your purchase.

No matter what type of roofing material you choose this year, Big Easy Roofing is here to ensure that your project runs smoothly from start to finish. Get in touch today for more information about current trends and how we can help get your home ready for whatever 2023 has in store!

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