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Precise Commercial Roof Leak Detection Services in New Orleans

The day-to-day operations, workforce, and weather conditions can make leaks on a commercial roof become a financial challenge to any business. We are your roof specialists in New Orleans who can detect any type of roof leak and whatever caused it.

The modern technology and methods we use allow our roof leak detection experts to quickly and accurately detect where the areas of your roof have problems. We catch roof leaks early to save you from more costly roof repairs and to save your building from more damage.

We take pride in the skill and knowledge of our roof leak detection team. Our high-tech roof leak detection electronic systems are non-invasive. This allows us to deliver what our clients expect.

Roof Leak Detection Services

Any roof is designed to provide additional protection to a structure. For commercial properties, a roof helps to protect a most valuable investment that is a major resource of income. Hence, roof leak detection services are very crucial to maintaining the integrity of a commercial roof.

Even if you know the signs of a roof leak, it is still best to consult with a professional roof leak detection specialist early on. They know precisely the root of the problem and will better be able to suggest the best solutions.

men investigating leaks on commercial roofOur roof leak detection services in New Orleans are accomplished with the proper equipment to be able to grasp the size of the problem. We have specialist equipment that can detect any type of leak on a commercial roof.

You are assured of the accuracy of the results of our roof leak detection services because our technicians are highly-skilled and will be using the latest technology and methods to locate a leak on your commercial roof with minimal or no disruption to the workplace or the workforce of your company.

Why You Need a Commercial Roof Repair Contractors in New Orleans

The earlier a leak in a commercial roof is detected, the better the condition of your building and the property inside your building. Early detection will mean immediate action to repair the root cause of the roof leak.

The advantages of professional roofing leak detection include:

  • Prompt action to identify damages or problems that are causing the roof leak
  • Accurate results that will prevent unnecessary repairs
  • Minimum disruption because detection is done by skilled technicians who understand the importance of maintaining the workflow of a business
  • An accurate survey from knowledgeable commercial roof leak detection specialists
  • Latest technologies that allow for precise detection done in a timely manner
  • Commercial equipment which results in accuracy and efficiency
  • Minimize water loss from early detection
  • Reduce damage when early detection is possible because roof specialists can suggest right away what needs to be done to repair the root cause of leaks detected

Whatever the problem with your commercial roof that is causing leaks, we can detect them early for you so that solutions will be underway in no time. This will give you peace of mind and confidence that the workflow and workforce will continue with day-to-day processes.

You may say that you can conduct a visual inspection to detect a leak, but on a commercial roof that is usually considerably larger than a residential roof, roof leaks tend to be more extensive. A visual inspection may not be able to uncover the issue. Other methods of roof leak detection can be time-consuming.

Save time and money in roof leak detection with our premium commercial roof leak detection services in New Orleans. We never compromise in protecting your assets and investments. We treat your business as our own.

From small repairs to full commercial roof replacement, our commercial roofing services have you covered.

Big Easy Commercial Roof Leak Detection System

Big Easy Roofing offers the best commercial roof leak repair in New Orleans with the best-skilled team and the most modern equipment. Our system of dealing with roof leaks on a commercial roof includes understanding the signs of a leak on a commercial roof. These signs include:

1. Stained Ceiling or Wallswall stains due to commercial roof leaks

When you notice discoloration on surfaces of your ceiling or walls in your facility, this can be water stains from water running through the ceiling down to the walls.

2. Visible Damage to Roof or Flashings

Damages on your commercial roof can lead to roof leaks. Most often, these damages occur when roof systems are not regularly maintained. Signs that show damage on your roof include:

  • Standing water from clogged drains
  • Membrane blisters or alligatoring that appear as cracks or bubbles
  • Open seams on the edges of the membrane of your roof
  • A tear or hole in your roof
  • Damaged metal flashing

3. Odor and Mold

Mold grows in moist environments and leaks on your roof can create this type of environment that favors the growth of molds. You can easily smell mold odor when molds begin to grow and spread.

4. Dripping Water and Puddles in Your Facility

damages walls due to commercial roof leaksWhen you notice water dripping along the wall or from the ceiling that forms puddles in your facility, it is a clear sign that the roof of your building is leaking. When this issue is not addressed, it will lead to bigger problems and will cause damage to your property and building.

Our roof leak detection specialists are keen to identify sources of roof leaks and the presence of any type of commercial roof leak. It is one of the specialized services that we offer to help businesses retain the integrity of their roof and their facility.

Our commercial roof leak services include:

  • Thermal imaging
  • Electronic scanning
  • Electric field mapping

Commercial Roof Leak Repair

After our team has accurately determined the roof leaks of your commercial building, we will offer the best solutions and do commercial roof repair services. We offer customized roof leak solutions that deal with individual roof leak issues. Our roof leak repair services aim to provide a long-term solution to keep your roof in top shape.

Big Easy Roofing Specialists Always Find the Leak

Our cost-effective and latest leak-detection methods and equipment allow us to detect leaks accurately and quickly. We understand your need to have your roof leak issues solved immediately. After a roof leak detection service, we also do commercial roof leak repairs to prevent further and future damages. Contact us today and we will help you safeguard your business in New Orleans with the best roof leak detection and repair services.

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