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Residential Roof Inspection Services New Orleans

The roof of your home is an invaluable investment that provides you protection.   Without a well-functioning roof, your safety and the safety of your property are in jeopardy.  With regular roof inspection, you are ensured that you have a roof that will provide you with the protection you need.

Big Easy Roofing’s roof inspection services in New Orleans are all-encompassing. We record all needed accurate data including the condition of your residential roof. We work on all types of roofing systems with utmost safety and precision.

New Orleans Roof Inspections

damaged residential roofA residential roof will experience normal wear and tear, especially because it is one of the most exposed parts of a home. Protecting your roof is therefore crucial so that it can also provide the protection it should be providing.

We are professional roofers in New Orleans with expertise in roof inspections.  Our team of residential roof contractors and technicians can carry out in-depth inspections on your roof.  These surveys will pinpoint existing problems on your roof that need to be given attention.

Our detailed assessment for each roofing inspection that we carry out will prevent possible issues in the future including:

  • Structural damage
  • Water damage and leakage
  • External roof sagging
  • Damaged tiles
  • Dark streaks
  • Flashing

Our roof inspections are individualized. We give focus on each of our client’s existing roof conditions to be able to determine the best possible solution.  The only result we are aiming at for every roofing inspection is to specifically determine how to bring the roof of your home to full working order.

Big Easy Roofing Taking Roof Inspections to New Heights

We use the most modern technology and methods in carrying out residential roof inspections.  Our roof contractors are experts in carrying out a detailed assessment for every residential roofing system.

Roof inspecttionEach roof inspection for a New Orleans home that we conduct will take almost two hours to complete.  Each inspection will result in a detailed assessment of every area of your residential roof which includes information and professional opinion on the following parts of your roof structure:

  • Roof coverings: type, condition, and defects
  • Flashing:  general condition and the ability to prevent leaks
  • Chimneys:  condition of brickwork, pointing, pots, and flaunching
  • Drainage and gutters: defects and other potential problems
  • Fascias, soffits, and boards: general condition and issues
  • Internal structure: condition of the woodwork and visible signs of stress

For each inspection of each part of your roofing system, we will provide a detailed report with photos and an explanation of possible issues and the best possible solution to fix them.  We make sure that the rather small issues will be dealt with to prevent much larger and more costly problems in the future. 

Our modern techniques of conducting roof inspections allow us to be able to deliver excellent roof surveys with the 3D point clouds, 2D roof plans, and 3D models with the required level of detail that you need for your roofing project.

Why Roofing Inspections are Important

With a proper roofing inspection carried out on your roof, you will have peace of mind that your roof is well taken care of.  You will be aware of the needed repairs on your roof so that it will last longer than its life.

Other benefits of accurate roofing inspections performed by Big Easy Roofing include:

  • Highly accurate deliverables

Our roofing inspection specialists use modern technology to capture every detail of your roof’s condition.  You will receive the information you need through 3D point cloud data, 2D drawings, and 3d models.

  • Swift and efficient turnaround

The technology we use and the skill of our roofing technicians allow us to be able to produce the desired results from a residential roofing inspection in New Orleans.  We follow a streamlined and systematized process with the knowledge of the laser scanning industry.

  • Professional team

Big Easy Roof Team's experts inspecting roofYou are assured that the roofing contractors, technicians, and specialists who will conduct the inspection on your residential roof are trained, experienced, licensed, and insured.  They are dedicated to delivering the best roof inspection service and to determine the best-optimized measure for every problem identified.

  • Advanced technology

We use the latest technology for a roof inspection to get the most accurate data on the condition of your residential roof. We can capture high-quality images from any point and location in the most non-intrusive manner.

Our team will provide you with precise records including images of exemplary quality so that you will not be left doubting or wondering what can be wrong with your roof and how to deal with existing issues.  You are assured that you will be receiving the exact information that you need from the roof inspection.

What You Can Expect

For every roofing inspection we carry out for New Orleans homes, we make sure that we achieve these goals:

  1. A report on the type of roof covering inspecting metal roof
  2. A report on the visible condition of the roof covering.
  3. An inspection and report on the visible flashings.
  4. An evaluation of the roof drainage and gutter system.
  5. A report on any overhanging tree branches that may have an adverse effect on your roof covering
  6. A report on the chimney system
  7. Identify any obvious deficiencies of roof penetrations and through-the-roof components and their flashings
  8. A report on any visible deficiencies in the underlying structure
  9. A report on the methods used to inspect the roof
  10. An inspection and report on roofing trim, such as rake boards, soffits, and fascia boards
  11. A report on any visible roofing problems that can be inspected from accessible areas of the attic like:
  • Signs of sheathing problems
  • Evidence of moisture intrusion
  • Damaged structural components (ex. rafters and damaged trusses)

You are likewise assured that all these parts of your residential roofing system in New Orleans are checked:

  • Roof covering
  • Fasteners
  • Deck sheathing
  • Slope and underlayment
  • Ice barrier
  • Drip edge
  • Offset pattern
  • Roof valley flashing
  • Nail penetration into the deck sheathing
  • Flashing areas

Why Choose Big Easy Roofing For New Orleans Roof Inspections?

Big Easy Roofing is a fully-accredited roofing company in New Orleans with zero-accident records on roofing projects that we have carried out over the years for many homeowners.  We prioritize safety as we carry out industry-standard deliverables no matter your location and type of residential roofing system.  We can answer any questions you have regarding our roofing inspection services when you contact us today.

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