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Big Easy Roofing is your go-to company for residential and commercial roofing in New Orleans. We offer a variety of roofing services, including 24-hour roof replacement.

We make sure that you get a quality roof for an affordable price. Our top roofing contractors provide quality work and each of our roofing materials is extremely durable.

Contact us for a FREE estimate for any roof repair, replacement, or installation.

New Orleans Roofing Contractor - Residential & Commercial Roofers

Big Easy Roofing is one of the trusted New Orleans roofing contractors that has been serving local homes and businesses for years.

Our roofing services in New Orleans, LA are done by our team with years of roofing experience.

We also have great customer service that caters to all your roofing needs–whether you want to ask for an estimate or the right roof for your home or business, we’re more than happy to help.

It’s no rocket science that a roof is one of the crucial parts of a house or building. It protects you from the sun, rain, and snow.

But stronger elements such as hailstorms can do extensive damage to a roof, so a repair is needed.

Having your roof repaired or replaced can also save you money. A roofer can also help you find a product for a fair price.

The cost of a new roof in New Orleans depends on the size and quality. A basic 1500 square foot home will have an average price point of around 7150 dollars with asphalt roofs costing about 3-6 per sq ft while tile can be less than 2k!

New Orleans has its fair share of calamities, hurricanes being the most common of them. Roofing repairs or replacements are common, so we make it a point that our roofing company can provide all of our customers’ roofing needs.

If you want a new roof for your home or business, Big Easy Roofing can get it for you!

Talk to Our Roofing Expert in New Orleans Today!

Our professional roofing contractors provide quality work and each of our roofing materials is extremely durable.

Contact us for a FREE estimate for any roof repair, replacement, or installation.

What Our Clients Say

I just had a new roof installed by them. The process from requesting a quote to completing the job was very fast. Definitely recommend!

David Hobson

A reputable company that provides high-quality roofing services. They installed new siding, replaced my roof and paid attention to every detail. The best way to make your home look its best is to hire them!

Ray Peek

The team from Big Easy Roofing came to our home after hurricane Ida. I decided that it was time for a roof replacement, so we called them up and they did an amazing job on the roofing service but also took care of all debris removal. Thank you!

Janice Brown
24-Hour Roof Replacement Guarantee

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