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New Orleans Commercial Roof Repairs Companies with 24 Hour Guarantee

We professionally carry out all manner of commercial roof repairs on any type of roof damage.  Our safe and secure practices for repairs comply with the top standards of the industry.

We take every roof repair project seriously and make sure that your roof meets all the health and safety requirements of the roofing industry.  Our expert roof repair contractors are committed to delivering only high-quality workmanship with exceptional customer service and value for money.

Our commercial roof repair process includes a seamless process that includes the careful assessment or inspection to check for leakage, blockage, and damage and providing solutions to roof problems to prevent more extensive and costly repairs. In case you need repairs on your roof, do not hesitate to give us a call. We are providing 24-hour solutions. Contact us today!

Commercial Roof Repair vs. Commercial Roof Replacement

workers installing new roof

We have worked with various commercial properties like warehouses, industrial units, flats, schools and nurseries, care homes, and many others.  Depending on the extent of damage to your roof, we determine the best possible solution so you can have a fully functioning roof in no time.

Commercial roof repair can be one of the best maintenance procedures we can do for your roof.  Questions that you may want to consider to know if a roof repair service is for you are:

  • How old is your current roof?
  • How is your roof constructed?
  • When did you last repair the roof?
  • Can you see visible roof damage?
  • Do you have any leaks or water damage?
  • Do you want to give the exterior appearance of your building a facelift?

Our experienced roofing contractors don’t just jump into roof repairs and replacements.  An important step that we do not want to miss out on is conducting a thorough inspection of your roof.  We consider important key points for preventive maintenance to prevent a catastrophic roof failure.

Commercial roof replacement involves total removal of your existing roof and then replacing your whole roof system with a new roof.

We are trusted and professional; roofing contractors that can detect any signs of damage on your roof that will call for a roof repair or replacement.  We help you save money on roof repairs and make your roof like and function like new.

Things to Consider When Talking to a Roofing Contractor About Replacing or Repairing a Commercial Roof

The best roofing contractors are honest and upfront with the roof repair services they offer including the cost of the services.  When you are choosing the right roofing contractor who will take care of your roofing repair needs, consider the following details:

  • The contractor should be able to stay in constant communication with you throughout all aspects of your project.
  • The contractor discusses the whole process and the cost in detail and the materials that will be used.  You should be aware that the lowest bid will not guarantee you quality work.  We provide free estimates for repairs that will be done on your roof and we make sure that you understand clearly what will be delivered.
  • The contractor shares references of previous work they have done on roof repairs for commercial and industrial properties.

We are your trusted commercial roof repair contractors in New Orleans who give honest assessments and upfront competitive costing for our roof repair services.  We do quality roof repairs according to your needs, your budget, and your deadline.

The Benefits of a New Roof

new commercial roofWhen our assessment determines that a new roof is the best remedy for your roofing needs, you will get a top-quality roof with only the best materials and exceptional workmanship.    

Here is why a new roof is a reasonable investment for your commercial property:

  1.  A  new roof will significantly increase the value of your property.  You will get a high return on investment with a new roof because your property will be more attractive to potential buyers.
  2. A new roof that makes up most of the visible features of your property will go a long way to improving your property’s curb appeal.
  3. A new roof will increase the energy efficiency of your property by helping keep away heat.
  4. A new roof is better at withstanding harsh weather conditions including repelling water and preventing the growth of mold and mildew that can cause health problems.
  5. A new roof will provide your commercial property with the safety and protection it needs from external elements.

Enjoy the benefits of having a new roof for your commercial property in New Orleans with our roof repair and maintenance services.

Commercial Roof Hurricane Damage

commercial roof damaged by hurricane

We use quality materials in repairing roofs that have commercial roof hurricane damage.  We apply the best solution for the problem and include preventive measures on your commercial roof to withstand the onslaught of hurricanes.  

Typical signs of roof damage caused by a hurricane that will tell you to call a professional roofing contractor include:

  • Missing shingles
  • Curling shingles
  • Damaged shingles
  • Water damage on your ceiling or in your attic

Commercial Roof Hail Damage

roof damaged by hailWe properly repair commercial roofs damaged by hail to prevent costly repairs.  We are a reputable company that addresses hail damage on roofs to make the roof get back in shape.

Hail can cause damage to your commercial roof that will appear as damaged gutters, damaged siding, and window sills, piercing in the metal window sills and siding, depression on metal vents, and a cracked skylight.

When you notice any of these signs of damage, do not hesitate to contact us for an emergency roof repair service and we will be in your location without delay.

To know more about the signs of damage caused by hail, you might want to read this article, Hail Damage Roof Services.

Leaky Roof Repairs

roof with leaksDamages to your roof can cause leaks.  Some of the reasons for leaking roofs include lack of maintenance, problems with the roof’s seams, and constant exposure to elements. 

Our exceptional roof repair services include dealing with leaking roofs. We at Big Easy Roofing, are ready to address any type of leaking problem to get your roof back in shape.

Emergency Service

Sudden damage to your roof caused by extreme weather conditions can be overwhelming.  When unexpected hail storms or hurricanes happen, and the integrity of your roof gets compromised, just give us a call and we will be there to deal with your roof issues.  We do not want your commercial property to experience additional damage because your roof has been compromised.

24/7 Repair Experts… At Your Service

We repair commercial roof damages right the first time.  We address all types of roof problems as soon as possible to prevent additional damage to your roof and the interior of your structure.  Our roofing services include specialist independent advice on all roofing problems.  If you need leading roofing excellence, don’t delay contacting us today.

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