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Efficient Residential Roof Leak Detection Services in New Orleans by Big Easy Roofing

We are your leak detection specialists in New Orleans with experienced engineers who have mastered accurate detection and location of leaks on residential roofs.  Our non-invasive leak detection methods have made us proud in delivering what our clients expect.

We don’t just find leaks.  We fix them, too.  Once our high-tech electronic system finds holes, defects, and leaks on your residential roof, we immediately take action when you agree with the best method of repair that we will explain to you.

Big Easy Roofing expert team of residential roof detection specialists tests all types of residential roofs with the most advanced techniques for leak detection.  We help save your roof from potentially costly repairs that can be caused by an undetected roof leak or damage. Contact us for free estimate.

House Roof Leak

Your roof is designed with the purpose of provisioning additional protection to your family and your property.  When your roof fails to function well because of a leak, it can be extremely concerning.

It can be stressful to be finding pots and buckets to catch leaking water from your roof.  Furthermore, if the roof remains unfixed, more issues will develop kike the growth of molds that can be unhealthy for you and your family.

You should be well-informed about the causes and signs of a leaking roof so that you will know when to call the professional who can deal with your leaks and prevent them from happening again.

Check out our roof leak testing portfolio and you will see how our leak detection techniques are designed to detect and identify any type of roof defect.  With extensive experience and exemplary skills, we can provide you with excellent advice on the best method for repairing the leaks on your roof.

Common House Roof Leak Issues

We take roof leak detection seriously.  Our roof contractors will let you know what could be causing the leaks in your roof.  We want you to be more informed about the most common roof leaks that we deal with like:

 1. Pipe Boot Failure

repair leak water pipeThis is the most common roof leak that homeowners usually encounter.  A boot is a part around a pipe’s base that is a type of roof flashing.  It comes out of your roof and waterproofs the base of the pipe.

When a pipe boot is damaged, it fails to stop water from flowing from the pipe down through your roof and into your home.  Cracks caused by UV from the sun can serve as an entry point of water that will leak through your roof into different parts of your house where the pipe comes out of your roof.

For this type of roof leak issue, we install a little rubber collar that will encase the existing flange.  We use the best quality rubber collar over the old cracked pipe boot that can last for 10-15 years.

2. Improperly Driven Nails

Some nails on your roof may not have been driven far enough or may have been driven sideways. This can cause water to come down your roof through the nail.  For improperly driven nails, we effectively pull the nail out and drive it in properly.  Then we cover it with quality ice and a water shield.

3. Debris in Gutters

A residential roof can have an area where two roof slopes meet in a V-shape.  This area in the middle of a roof is called a valley.  It usually has a gutter in it where water can flow down freely.


When the valley gets filled with leaves and other debris, water tends to flow into the fascia board and cause leaks.  For this type of leak, we loosen the gutter, install pieces of flashing and tuck them under the valley.

4. Chimney Wear and Tear

Many chimneys cause leaks because of varying reasons which include:

  • Metal flashing goes under the shingles surrounding the chimney
  • Mortar joints of brick chimneys get saturated with water
  • Water goes down through the top of the chimney because of cracked masonry
  • Rotting chimney siding

Our roofing experts will know how to do a thorough inspection of these types of roof issues and determine the extent of damage to your roof.

5. Improperly Installed Skylights

Skylights typically have warranties that last for up to 30 years.  However, when they are not properly installed, they can cause leaks on your roof.  They will need to be watertight sealed to prevent leaking/

6. Collar Failure Around a Gas Vent

A torrential downpour can cause water to splash under the collar of a gas vent and lead to water leaking down the pipe.  This happens when HVAC installers do not pay attention to roofing techniques when installing vents on your roof.  Our roofing experts detect this type of leak mostly around the gas appliance connected to the leaking gas vent pipe.

Residential Homes Roof Leak Detection – New Orleans

Leaking roof or pipe burstWe are constantly developing roof leak detection techniques to meet new challenges in residential roofing so that we can provide custom solutions.  Our roofing experts have been testing residential roof systems for leaking with new procedures to accurately target roof leaks.

Our roof leak testing methods include electronic testing such as:

  • Infrared Thermography
  • Nuclear Moisture Testing
  • Electrical Impedance Testing
  • Electric Field Vector Mapping

These methods are used in testing for water in your residential roof assembly and to specifically pinpoint even the smallest leak.

Our roof leak detection experts also do sight evaluations and look for the first signs of a roof leak like:

  • Musty odors in certain rooms in your house
  • Water stains on your ceiling
  • Spots on your exterior walls
  • Bulging patches on your interior walls
  • Missing or warped shingles

Big Easy Roofing Pinpoints Home Roof Leaks With Ease

Contact us today and our roof leak expert can schedule a site visit to your home.  Big Easy Roofing roof leak detection services include a range of robust leak detection testing methods guaranteed to detect and identify almost any type of residential roof leak.

We test and detect roof leaks on all types of commercial and residential roofing systems.  After identifying your roof leak, our roofing contractor will provide you with excellent advice. Contact us for other residential roofing services offered.


Call Our Roofing Experts! (504) 800-8196
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