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Residential Roof Replacement: Scope of Work and Key Considerations

Are you planning to replace your roof or repair it? Many homeowners initially make the mistake of assuming that because their roof is leaking, replacement might be the only option. But this is not necessarily true.

Before making a decision, you need to understand what scope of work needs to be done and its associated cost. In residential roof replacement, the scope of work involves various components such as ripping off existing shingles, replacing damaged sheathing, installing new flashing material, and adding a course in order to resolve any issues with slope and water drainage. Furthermore, additional services such as caulking may also have to be done.

The time spent understanding the different facets of residential roof replacement will help every homeowner make an informed decision on whether or not it would be feasible for them to go ahead with it. Big Easy Roofing brings you an in-depth view of the scope of work when it comes to residential roof replacement.

Understanding the Scope of Work for Residential Roof Replacement

Understanding the scope of work for a residential roof replacement is essential for any homeowner considering this task. The scope of work starts with understanding the type of roof you have and the condition that it is in.

Estimating the work needed to replace the current roofing material will typically involve tearing off existing shingles, and inspecting sheathing, flashing, and other components.

In addition, understanding the local building code, permits needed or necessary upgrades like ridge vents will also be important when constructing your bid for residential roof replacement.

Factors That Impact the Scope of Work for Roof Replacement

The scope of work for a roof replacement varies greatly depending on several factors including the size and complexity of the roof, access to the site, quality and type of materials being used, weather conditions, and necessary labor. The smaller the roof or less complex it is, then the easier a job will be and become more economical. Accessibility to the site may affect how much time and cost is associated with the job–for example, a site without any scaffolding or baskets can require higher costs in order to do so safely.

  • roof replacementSize and complexity of the roof

    The size and complexity of the roof are two of the biggest factors that will impact the scope of work for a roof replacement. If a roof is exceptionally large, more workers may be needed to complete repairs in a reasonable amount of time. Additionally, a complex roof with multiple levels and varying angles can add difficulty to the job.

  • Local building codes and regulations

    Local building codes and regulations are essential factors to consider when undertaking a roof replacement, as they provide guidelines for the quality of materials and construction methods used. Additionally, climate and weather conditions in the area can affect the scope of work for a roof replacement, as certain areas may require tougher materials to withstand harsher temperatures or more frequent storms.

  • Roofing material is chosen

    The selection of roofing material is an important component to consider when determining the scope of work for a roof replacement project. Different materials come with varying levels of protection and cost, which can significantly impact both the cost and timeline of the job.

  • Pitch or slope of the roof

    The pitch or slope of the roof is one of the most important factors that impact the scope of work for a roof replacement. Having an extremely steep pitch increases the risk of debris and moisture collecting which can lead to damage and leaking. Additionally, a steep pitch requires additional material, labor costs as well as additional safety measures to be taken. For roofs with less than an eight-inch pitch, it is usually best to replace the roof entirely rather than repairing individual sections as this provides more stability and durability overall.

Steps to Take Before, During, and After Your Residential Roof Replacement

Flat Roof Repair or Replacement - Big Easy RoofingBefore taking on a residential roof replacement, it is important to prepare financially, research and select the right materials and contractors, understand the zoning laws and any codes your municipality has in place, obtain a permit if necessary, and secure insurance coverage.

During the process, keep an eye on the progress that’s being made and be sure to ask questions.

After replacing your roof, call a professional roofing inspector to assess their work, look out for any leaks or problems during rainstorms or harsh weather, thoroughly clean away any roofing material left behind by the contractor, and perform regular maintenance checks periodically throughout the year such as removing debris from clogged gutters and checking for other signs of wear and tear.

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